Other Facilities


The classrooms are endowed with all the facilities pre-installed to provide the most conducive environment for learning. The classrooms at Arya College are spacious, well-illuminated and ventilated along with multimedia capable facilities. Wi-Fi enabled campus.


Campus is provided with necessary first-aid amenity to provide proper health care to the students.


The college runs its own fleet of buses for the convenience of the students.


The college boasts of student-friendly cafeteria where high quality food is served as per the expectations and requirements of the students.


College focuses on the holistic development of students. As a sequel to this, equal emphasis is laid on sports and games along with academics. Students are encouraged to participate and excel in sports in order to provide relaxation & channelize their energy. Sports & Games is an essential part of our curriculum. By inculcating this habit of playing various games and sports, we will get to boost up our personality by realizing our mental and physical capabilities.


College have separate Boy’s and Girl’s common room with proper sitting facility. The common rooms are provided with good lightening system, fan, and water facility. The common rooms are provided with news papers for daily reference of news around the world.

Wi fi Campus

The College is having all time Wi-Fi campus with internet band width of 10 Mbps.