Hardua Kifaytulla Nawabganj Bareilly U.P

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Dr. Mukta Prasad Arya (President)
Phone- 9412288990

Puspa Gangwar (Secretry)

Udite Gangwar
Phone- 7060141497

Member of the Board and their brief background

Member of Academic advisory body

freequenty of the Board meeting and academic advisory body

Organizational chart and processes

Nature and estent of involvement of fauclty and students in academic affairs/improvement

In Progress..

In Progress..

Branch wise list faculty members:

– Permanent faculty

– Add junct faculty

– Permenent faculty: Student Ratio

Number of faculty employed and left during the last three years

In Progress..

Number of seats sanctioned with the year of approval

Numbre of students admitted under varius categories each year in the last three years

Number of the applictions received during last two years for adminssion under Management Quota and number admitted

In Progress..

List of candidate whose application have been received along with percentile-percentage score for each of the qualifiying examinition saprete categories for open seats. List of candidate who have applied along with percentage and percentile score for Management Quota seats.

In Progress..

In Progress..

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